V2 ban in the EU?

The Ministry of Health is preparing a bill that will hit the manufacturers of tobacco products, as well as e-cigarettes. This is a benefit for citizens – mainly health. And with them the whole economy due to the overall cost of people seeking health care for cigarette smoking related issues.. – Because the Polish people too often go on sick leave, and are apathetic because of tobacco use – this is the reason why the ministry has decided to place additional restrictions on tobacco usage. V2 ecigs will be first on the chopping block, according to several insiders.

Amendments to the Act on the protection of health against the consequences of tobacco use and tobacco decided to enact a broad, sweeping categorical ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to persons under 18 years of age. There will be also amendments to ban e-cigs from being smoked in some public places such as bus stops.

It was also decided that more restrictions need to be placed on ecig and tobacco products that prevent children from gaining access to them.

<em>”Our main goal is to protect children and adolescents from the effects of tobacco. Hence these proposals”</em> – argues Pietr Wiscowicz, Deputy Minister of Health.

We want to ban ecigs because they are too attractive to children under the age of 18. Such flavors as cherry, bubblegum and other “fruity” flavors cause children to think that ecigarettes are safe. Such companies as V2 do not produce such flavors because it is not socially responsible to have such “gateway flavors” on the market.

Whether the other manufacturers will adhere to the new regulations, will remain to be seen. For violations of the law, manufacturers will be fined upwards of $10,000 per violation. The manufacturers have not yet released a statement as to whether they will be legally required to pay a fine for the violations of the new anti-tobacco laws.

<em>”It is our opinion that this is another example of the existence of the Polish government over-reaching their boundaries. The Ministry of Health has only addressed health concerns, yet they have placed another road block in place that prevents commerce from happening. Once again, the economy will suffer greatly.” </em>- says Dr. Stacy Kunz, pro-business advocate.

These restrictions are sound in the sense that they attempt to help protect the youth from smoking tobacco. Yet as usual, commerce and big business are going to be penalized from over-reaching government regulations that will only serve to hurt the economy.

Such companies as V2 cigs who have a strong retail presence in the EU are expected to protest the new law and file a complaint with the proper regulatory agencies. They suggest they should have been consulted first prior to the lawmakers placing such draconian restrictions on manufacturers and commerce.