A European ex Smokers Diary

I started vaping at the age of 15 years old and I smoked daily from 17 years, this is still 25 years of vaping… I always told myself that I had to stop vaping at 40 years old!

In February this year, I went to China and discovered Shanghai, a city of excesses … In this country, there are no vaping laws and the price of tobacco is ridiculous for a European like me.

17 days in China I vaped in public offices like a chimney, and it is totally banned in France!

But the weird thing is that after ten days, I realized that the Asian Marlboro was different: it could be a rumor, but I got excessive heartburn from smoking tobacco cigarettes in China. I decided to use my V2 vape pen instead. The e

Unlike Francois, I did not return the suitcases full of Chinese cartridges but only 2 cartridges purchased in duty free customs area.

On my return to Italy, the thought of quitting vaping using V2 ecigs consumed my thoughts completely. In October of that year, I was ready to make my move.

I went to go see a colleague in October and she told me that she will stop smoking with acupuncture. She had an appointment a few days later, I waited another week in order to know the effects, if any, came of this first session. So far so good!

So with some trepidation, I made an appointment to see an acupuncturist and the doctor is a woman, and before the needle “pinch” I wonder about my motives and know my level of tobacco dependence. After 10 minutes of maintenance, that’s me lying and decked out needles in the nose, neck, wrists and the cranial portion above the ears.

The doctor gives up and invites me me relax, I wake up with a start when it comes back 20 minutes later with a strange feeling because I do not have the habit of dreaming and during the time when I dozed I feel seeing my life flash parade by several small but very accurate, especially memories of my childhood … weird.

My first session has ended, the doctor tells me that it takes about 3 sessions but for some people sometimes one is enough. I left the doctor’s office having taken a second appointment for the following week without asking questions.

I return to my office and then go home, taking the road to Rome. A good hour’s drive to kill, where I used to smoke cigarettes 1 or 2 depending on the mood and then because it’s the end of the day and therefore the smoke break which normally should relax the day but sometimes, even often, is not necessarily very good …

The evening passes and I realize that at no time have I had the urge to smoke, even by car. I let the night come as it would and it will tell me tomorrow how it goes … and pretty soon one month goes by in which I don’t have an urge to vape with V2 ecigs. I’m not trying to grab my pack and said: “I want going for a smoke ”

I went to my second session but my principle “sticker” told me I did not need to come back.