V2 cigs in the European Union

The end of electronic cigarettes in the EU?

Electronic cigarettes will be prohibited from marketing in Germany. One out of every 10 students in Germany smokes electronic cigarettes. Now the Health Ministry decided to ban the sale and marketing of Germany: “They contain hazardous substances that can cause asthma, cancer and kidney damage and fertility – and are a gateway to smoking regular cigarettes. This is a grave danger to public health”

Public Smoking Minister Hans Himmler suggested that The Ministry of Health shall prohibit the marketing of electronic cigarettes in Germany: Installation draft published yesterday (Sunday) said that it was determined that it would be illegal to manufacture, market or store for the purpose of marketing electronic cigarettes or their products, such as cigarette filler or cartridge containing the filler.

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According to Health Ministry figures, about 10% of high school students in Germany have used ecigs – and one tenth of them had not smoked regular cigarettes prior. Namely, electronic cigarettes are a gateway to the world of smoking for some teenagers. E-cigs are perceived as contributing to quit smoking, but their effectiveness has not been proven and are not recognized as a effective smoking cessation tool in this regard.

V2 cigs has a strong presence in Europe. They have not responded to the EU accusations that ecigs are unsafe for human consumption. V2 ecigs has enjoyed wide popularity in Europe. Millions of consumers regularly purchase V2 products and it is suspected that total annual sales topped 10 million dollars in 2015.

According to Prof. Chaim Goldstein, head of the Public Health Services in the Ministry of Health, the opposite is true. “The electronic cigarette and its products constitute a serious risk to public health,” he writes in the draft regulations.

The electronic cigarette is a device that resembles a normal cigarette in external appearance, and consists of a heater, battery and cartridge. The device heats the liquid or powder cartridge and turn them into vapor. Smoker inhales vapors, and smoke due to burning tobacco as regular cigarettes.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, the amount of nicotine found in cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is greater than normal and is even more concentrated. Electronic cigarettes also contain propylene glycol which can cause breathing problems and asthma, Diatiln glycol that may damage the kidneys, nervous system and fertility, and various carcinogens.

Germany will join France as well as various states prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes such as Russia, Canada, parts of Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Norway and more. The Ministry of Health will accept comments regarding the draft until April 26, and the regulations take effect six months after the final publication.

There is one hope, however, for the electronic cigarette companies: The are entitled to still operate in various EU countries, however they may not sell the e-liquid products. This means they can still sell their vaping devices in stores and online.