V2 vaping thoughts

I started smoking v2 e-cigs foolishly (at the same time I think we can not start smoking “intelligently”) when I was 16, 23 years ago I started dating a non-smoker girl, we left on vacation with his family to the island of Vancouver and I was the only smoker, I felt calmed in the evening smoking my ecig away, so I decided to stop and I held off for about a year and then I took over stupidly, first taking a cigarette at the end of a watered dinner, then another a few days later, the classic relapse in short.

In 2016 a friend told me about Allen Carr’s book to stop smoking, so I ordered from Amazon (24 dollars I did not risk much and then it’s impressive the number of positive feedback the site that can not be a sham), I found the book very well and after I stopped reading .. ..2 weeks.

Once again I resumed but this time I thought often about quitting a year later I was living in Australia I met a Brazilian in a salsa evening, we started dating and like I knew she was a non-smoker, rather than saying that I was smoking or smoking unwittingly I decided that it was time to quit.

With the guidance acquired in the book Allen Carr it was very easy, I just was tempted a few times in “house parties” where people smoked, but once last evening I congratulated myself for not sold.

It’s been a year and a half now, I have never touched a v2 ecig since I took over the sport, particularly swimming and most bizarre is that I feel I take more pleasure not smoking I took pleasure in smoking before.

I think the most effective consulting the Allen Carr method is to understand that quitting is simply not ever pull on a cigarette. Take a puff or just take a cigarette does not exist, it’s the same as starting smoking.

This week I talked about v2 ecigs on my blog, some vapers are willing to risk losing all their money to hope for a better performance while there would be enough to stop smoking to win just as much? Similarly, what is it for you to be rich if you are not healthy? Ask yourself the right questions. Take time to breathe.

For those who arrested by tobacco and then taken, remember that this is part of the process and do not give up, one day you free yourself from this scourge.

For those who do not know, tobacco kills every year in France 60,000 people. No, you’re not dreaming, 60,000 people or 1/1 000th of the population. By comparison the number of road deaths is 4000, or 15 times less. In TV news you hear about most often road safety or smoking?
For the few smokers who do not would experience I obviously recommend The Simple method to end the vaping with Allen Carr.